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What an amazing experience! Drove out there this morning and there were so many beautiful trees to choose from, you pick one out and cut it down which literally took less than 5 minutes. We walked around to look at all the trees and it was a beautiful walk, families with kids and dogs started showing up and it was lovely. Everyone there is extremely helpful and so nice. They put my initials on the tree, brought it down, and even drilled a hole at the base to accommodate the Christmas tree stand. It’s a beautiful family business and you can tell it’s a labor of love. Totally spaced on bringing cash so the owners sent us on our way just saying “put a check in the mail and have a great Christmas”. Really kind. It was my first time there, but I’ll be coming back.

I've been going here for 10+ years. Great trees for a great price. You can walk the property, or catch a ride on the haywagon. They'll give you a nice sharp saw to cut your own or simply ask and they'll cut it down for you. After it's cut, it's picked up and brought back downhill and wrapped up. They also sell a great tree stand called a "Stand Straight" and after your tree is wrapped up they will drill a hole in the bottom of the tree to stand up perfectly straight in the stand while it's sitting in your house. Merry Christmas!!

The folks here are amazingly helpful, warm and really have the holiday spirit. We found a great tree at a reasonable price. Every time you looked up the staff was there, helped my kids cut down the tree, loaded it up to trailer it down to the lot and zucchini bread was da bomb!!!

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28 Ash Street | West Newbury, MA 01985 | (978) 363-2224